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This page describes the limitations of the Legislation API.

Unapplied Effects

The legislation held within the API is sourced from the Statute Law Database (SLD), but is not a live copy of that database. The legislation is therefore out of date in two ways:

Effects on legislation are only captured and incorporated into the text of certain types of legislation held on the API. For more information see However, metadata about the content you access will tell you where there are known effects that have not yet been applied to the legislation. In the XML content, the <ukm:UnappliedEffects> element holds information about these unapplied effects.


The history of the SLD is quite complex, but leads to the following limitations on the content held within the site:

In addition, the data content of API has not been through the quality checks usually carried out on SLD data before documents are published therefore the completeness and accuracy of the data cannot be guaranteed


This is a beta version of the API, and while we will make every effort to remain accessible and responsive, the site is somewhat experimental and may suffer unexpected outages. We intend to use this phase to help us test the infrastructure for the live site.