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Crown Copyright User Group

The Crown copyright User Group was initiated in 1999 by HMSO to ensure full discussion of the practical effects of implementing the new policies on Crown copyright following the publication of the White Paper The Future Management of Crown Copyright. It provided a forum for Users of Crown copyright material to express their views and to influence the way in which these policies develop. The group met formally eight times with a number of informal working group meetings in the early months. Policy development and their practical implementation were the focus of the Group’s discussions. The key practical issue was to deliver a class licensing system. The Click-Use site went live on April 1st and a prototype site was demonstrated at the meeting on 26th January with a full demonstration of the final site on March 30th. Suggestions and feedback from users has been invaluable and HMSO is grateful for the commitment, effort and time expended by colleagues on the user group.

The meeting on 30th March was the final one as the user group work will be continued by an Advisory Panel as announced last September. HMSO welcomes nominations and suggestions of organisations willing to serve on the panel which will oversee continuing work on improving access to, and re-use of, official information.

Please note: The Advisory Panel on Crown Copyright was formed in April 2003 and was renamed the Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information in April 2004.